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I've read 28% of Prince's Gambit

Prince's Gambit: Captive Prince Book Two - C.S. Pacat

"What makes you think Kastor is the weaker man? You don't know him."

"But I'm coming to know you," said Laurent.


I've read 25% of Prince's Gambit

Prince's Gambit: Captive Prince Book Two - C.S. Pacat

Holy crap, that scene by the table with the bread. That was epic. And hot! Can't wait for these guys to grow closer!

I've read 13% of Prince's Gambit

Prince's Gambit: Captive Prince Book Two - C.S. Pacat

It was not an even match at all. It was a lesson in abject public humiliation. But the one teaching the lesson, the one effortlessly outclassing his opponent, was not Govart.


Wow, what skills! This is exhilarating. And finally that jerk get what he deserves.

Review: Captive Prince - Captive Prince #1

Captive Prince Volume One - C.S. Pacat

I am just going to smack 5 stars to this right away, because I feel this is going to be epic.


I can't help but think of the tv series Games of Thrones. It's not the same, but it reminded me of it, with all the intricacies of families, honor, politics, royalties, palace, the court, neighboring kingdoms, plotting, deceiving, etc etc. 


This was an amazing start of a tale. I can't wait to read on!!


And the fanart it fabulous!


I wanted to post a kissing one but since there

aren't any kissing in this book

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, I chose a few others. 




Review: At Attention

At Attention - Annabeth Albert

Oh, Apollo. You grumpy, indecisive SEAL, you. How you annoyed me!


Most of the book was Apollo being hot and cold, back and forth. It was a battle between Apollo's brain and body. He wanted Dylan, but knew he shouldn't, because he couldn't allow himself to be happy. He was so grumpy, and rude. He was so frustrating. It was hard to see his positive sides, and actually like him. 


Dylan was such a happy and sweet guy. He must be the most patient and forgiving guy ever. What did he see in Apollo that made him suck all the grumpiness? I feel he deserved better than Apollo to be honest. 


That being said, there were sweet and hot moments between Dylan and Apollo. I enjoyed reading those. However, I feel they were ruined by Apollo's obvious guilt and emotional retreat after.


Apollo didn't make up his mind until

90%! And the story finishes at 95%.

(show spoiler)

Too little to late for me. It was a frustrating read, and it took me a long time to finish, since I could only read short portions at a time since I got so annoyed reading.


I wasn't able to fully enjoy this story, which bums me out.



An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

I've finished Imago

Imago - N.R. Walker

"Why are you smiling at me?"

Because you're adorable. Incredibly frustrating, possibly infuriating, but completely adorable."


Loved this. Review on release day.

I've read 60% of Imago

Imago - N.R. Walker

"I thought you liked bowties?"

"I do! Well, I did, but that was before you wore suspenders."


Because of that I just spent an excessive amount of time on Google.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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I've read 35% of Imago

Imago - N.R. Walker

Lawson hummed before pulling back a little. I cupped his face in my two hands and fluttered my eyelashes against his cheek.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“Butterfly kisses,” I murmured before pressing my lips to his once more.


Gah! Awww. 

I've read 15% of Imago

Imago - N.R. Walker

"If you're concerned if I'm out, so to speak, then yes. Since I was thirteen. It's never been anything I've had to 'come out' about because everyone who meets me assumes..."

He gave me a tentative smile. "Assumes you're kinda amazing?"

I could feel myself blush. "Ah, no."


*melts in a puddle of goo*


Review: Murder Once Seen - Oddities #1

Murder Once Seen (The Oddities) (Volume 1) - Susan J. Hall

J.T Hall is a new author to me. The blurb for Murder Once Seen caught my interest, promising a mix of urban fantasy, dystopia, paranormal, mystery, and suspense, with a dash of (light) BDSM. The author managed to wield this melting pot of genres quite nicely, and I felt the book delivered on its promise. It did feel a bit uneven, but overall I enjoyed it.

Derwin, the bounty hunter, hooks up with Elliot, the rent boy, to get his pain fix for his Oddity (see blurb). Derwin discovers Elliot’s ability to see scenes from people’s past by touching their personal items with his palms. Derwin convinces Elliot to help him search for his boyfriend’s killer, since Elliot is able to uncover new clues with the help of his Oddity.

Derwin and Elliot made for some interesting characters. Their attraction to each other was instant and explosive. Their wariness and distrust, that seems to infuse this world, morphed into trust and something deeper. They were really sweet together. Two lost souls slowly mending each other’s different wounds.

I really enjoyed the world build and the look I got into this urban/dystopian future. While I enjoyed it, I felt it wasn’t fully explored. I hope the author will show me more of this world in the sequels, there is a lot of potential here.

The mystery and suspense were the somewhat weak parts. The bad guy was pretty obvious, so the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery, more like following big flashing signs. The way Elliot used his abilities underway was cool, even though it made him see some unpleasant things.

There was a scene in the book that took me totally off guard. It had to do with the publisher’s warning of sexual assault and dubious consent that I didn’t know about until writing this review (I’ve included the warning in the blurb above). It involved Elliot and one of his clients (he is a rentboy by profession after all in this book), who is the leader of the gang controlling the section of the city where Elliot, his Madame and her stable of prostitutes operate. Elliot had to do the session with the sadistic gang leader to keep Elliot and the others working the street safe from the gang.

The scene was graphic with violence and dub con/non con sex. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and found it very unpleasant. I’m not strictly opposed to reading a scene like that, but I really want to know beforehand, so I know to expect it. I’m giving Riptide an annoyed side eye here, since they really ought to include the warning in the blurb, and not just have it on a separate section under the book on their website. The warning is not listed on Amazon or Goodreads, so an unsuspecting reader might pick up this book getting more than they bargained for.

This explicit scene notwithstanding, I enjoyed reading Murder Once Seen since I’m a sucker for urban fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, and mystery and murder. I do feel like the author tried to include or mix together too many genres and plot points, that it fell short in some areas, like the mystery. It might have been a tighter story focusing on fewer plot points, but exploring those few more. However, the world build was intriguing with its demons and Oddites. I liked Elliot and Derwin, and they were perfect for each other. I liked that they had to work to develop their relationship, even though they initially were insta-love/lust.

The story has a HEA, or more like HFN since turn of events set the stage for a sequel. I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading the next installment wanting to see more of Derwin and Elliot in their world.





Reviewed at Love Bytes 


I've read 10% of Imago

Imago - N.R. Walker

Only 10% in and I'm already in love.


Nerdy, gorgeous, intelligent, and sassy, God, he just keeps getting better.

"And you can stop smiling like that," he continued.

"No, I'm good thanks, I [Jack] said, grinning at him.



I'm starting Imago by NR Walker

Imago - N.R. Walker

Let's see about these butterflies. 



ARC review copy.

Review: Afraid to Fly - Anchor Point series #2

Afraid to Fly - L.A. Witt

“I love you, Travis. You and all your dings and dents.”

This time I managed to laugh, and drew him in. “I love you too.” Brushing and lips across his, I added, “Dings, dents, and all.”


Ahhh Travis and Clint, how I very much enjoyed thee. Dings, dents, and all.


Afraid to fly is about two well-seasoned men and officers who have lost a lot, both in life and love. They haven’t had an easy life, and are both struggling daily with the curve-balls life has thrown them. They’re both scarred, they’re both messed up mentally from their work in the military, they’re both scared at taking new chances, they’re both not looking for love, but they secretly want it, even though it scares them shitless, and don’t think they deserve it since they don’t want their own mess to be a burden for another person. They both get their second chance at love in this book.



Commander Wilson Travis (45) and Lieutenant Commander Clint Fraser (40) have both been admiring and lusting after each other from afar for a while, but nothing more since they don’t know if the other is gay/bi, until Clint brings his (soon to be x-) boyfriend to the Navy ball. The attraction and interest between Travis and Clint escalates quickly since they now know each other’s preferences, and they meet in a whirlwind of passion.


”If it’s not too forward,” he said, lips barely leaving mine, “I would kill to see you naked right now.”

Holy fuck. He was direct, and dirty, and… dressed. Why were we dressed?


And why the hell did the Navy insist on so many buttons?


Oh my lord, can LA Witt write a scorching hot kissing, sex, no passion scene, I should call it. These guys go at it like the world is on fire. If it were, they probably wouldn’t have noticed.They only have eyes for each other, and I could practically feel their sizzling hotness through my Kindle.


Travis hurt his back when his jet crash landed on an aircraft carrier in rough sea several years back, so he deals with chronic back pain daily with better and worse days. This has an effect on his sex life, since he is unable to do anal. I didn’t miss it at all. I feel Travis and Clint had a great and fulfilling sex life with blowjobs and hand jobs. The sex scenes and their passion was amazing.



The story is low on angst even though it has several heavy subjects. Both Travis and Clint is suffering from PTSD, they get flash backs and have nightmares. I really liked how they worked together to managed that, when they finally talked to each other about it. They both have a tendency to down play or toughen out when they’re having an episode, or when Travis’s back is killing him, but when they get to know each other better they can tell something is up with the other and can confront. Travis is dealing with his fear of relationship since he fell so deeply in love with another man several years back, but it ended badly and scared Travis off falling in love, and having a relationship. Clint is a recovering alcoholic, and is dealing with the fallout from his drunkenness (due to PTSD from his missions), his divorce and his kids. I feel all these subjects were handled well, and they fitted into the story. It didn’t feel heavy, and it was clear the main characters were adults so they talked and didn’t freak out (much). Travis had a stupid moment near the end, but Clint didn’t take it lying down and went after Travis and made him see sense.


I loved how everything wasn’t an easy fix. Travis and Clint will have their issues, but now they can face them together. There was the sweetest epilogue from Paul and Sean’s wedding (#1 Just Drive), where some of the future steps for Travis and Clint is hinted at.


Afraid to Fly is the second book in LA Witt’s Anchor Point series. I loved the first book, Just Drive, where the characters had an age gap of about twenty years. In Afraid to Fly both characters are in their forties, and I loved this story too. Recommended if you like low angst, and well-seasoned men with issues getting a second chance at love and life.


”I love you too. (…) Dings, dents, and all.”




Review: Hipster Brothel

Hipster Brothel - K.A. Merikan

"Nothing makes a relationship as steady as a jam label."



Quite the interesting title for this book.


The plot was kinda ridiculous with what Mr. B wanted to do, and why, but I just went with it.



Hipster Brothel did made for unique, quirky and adorkable story.


I found Mr. B (Bernard) and Jo charming. I do wish they could have shared each other's thoughts more instead of jumping to conclusions, and have fallings out. They worked it out in the end, and there was the cutest epilogue. 


That's right. You in just your socks, wrapped in a blanket, and drinking hot cocoa. I am so kinky."



I've read 60% of At Attention

At Attention - Annabeth Albert

Ohhh, Apollo!


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