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Review: The Queen and the Homo Jock Queen

The Queen & the Homo Jock King - T.J. Klune

**** 4 hilarious stars ****


Wow, what a ride!


If you've read Tell me it's Real, you know what kind of ride you're in for reading this. While the first one was about Paul and Vince, this is about Paul's best friend Sandy, who is also the fabulous drag Queen, Helena Handbasket.


It was hilarious!



I'm also kind of exhausted. It was a wild ride!


How does even TJ Klune make up all this hilarious conversation, and situations??? I'm so in awe! This book just have to be read and experienced.


I'm so happy Sandy (and Helena) and Darren got their hard earned HEA!

Review: Fish out of Water

Fish Out of Water - Amy Lane

**** 4 stars ****


Audio edition. Narrator Greg Tremblay.

9 hours 20 minutes


Overall: 4

Performance: 5

Story: 4


Just a short review, since I finished it a while back. :)


I very much enjoyed this audio book narrated by Greg Tramblay.


I liked the mystery, and the fleshed out characters, both main, and secondary characters. I loved how Jackson and Ellery were kind of enemies to lovers, or at least frenemies.


I'm looking forward to the next book! It is a continuation of the series, but I still felt like this book ended. It wasn't a big cliffy, but the story of Jackson and Ellery, and a lead from the case they were working on in this will continue in the next one.


Recommended if you like mystery, and narration by Greg Tremblay.



Review: Ranger Station Haven

Ranger Station Haven (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug) - Catherine Stovall;Cecilia Clark;Amanda Gatton;Robert Craven;Samantha Ketteman;Emma Michaels;Faith Marlow;Nina Stevens;Andrea Staum;Zoe Adams;S.J. Davis;D. Dalton

**** 4 ranger stars ****


Aww, this was sweet and funny! I really liked this one.


Carter and Owen are fellow rangers, and also boyfriends. Owen loves Christmas, and is a jolly fellow. Carter is the grumpy one.


"You want a cup of hot chocolate?"

"We're rugged outdoorsmen," I called back. "Rugged outdoorsmen drink coffee, not hot chocolate."


He doesn't like fuzz. He doesn't like Christmas. Nor kids. Carter gets his hands full when he and Owen have to rescue a group of runaway kids in the woods.


I love how Carter interacted with the kids. I love the descriptions, and dialogue.


A recommended (Christmas) read!

Review: Scrooged Over

Scrooged Over (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug) - David O'Connor

* 1,5 hairy stars *
Wow, this was quite awful. I didn't like this at all.


Deke was the Grinch personified. He was such a jerk, bordering on obnoxious. He hates Christmas, and was a loudmouth about it. I get that he was a radio host, and Deke and Dudley's supposedly friendly banter was part of the show. Dudley could hold his own, but some of the things Deke said to him were just plain rude, and offputting. Their on-air banter was supposed to be funny, but it fell short. It was like a joke that no one laughs at, and it just made me wince in discomfort, and in sympathy of Dudley.


I did like Dudley to an extent. He was just a happy, positive, Christmas loving guy, with an unrequited crush on his co-host. I didn't understand what he saw in Deke, though, since he was such an ass. But that might be his attraction to Deke?


"Then he [Deke] stood and pulled his pants partway down in the back. There was the ass--part of it-- all pale and perfect, covered in dark hair Dudley wanted stuck in his teeth."


Uhm.... ew. To each his own, I guess?


Not only was Deke a (hairy) ass in regards to what he said to Dudley, but also what he did. I'm not spoiling the things he did, but let me just say, I wanted to strangle Deke with those Christmas lights! Dudley seemed unfazed by Deke's digs, though.


"Deke's sarcasm was as thick as his chest hair."


And he continues to moon, and daydream about Deke.


"He wanted to take him into the john after the show and whip out Frosty's proboscis. He wanted to lick Deke's freeform candy cane and toy with each other's dangling Christmas balls. Dudley dreamed of working Deke's knot with tongue and his finger until he opened the gift of his hot, sexy ass."


Uhm... EW.


All in all, the writing was bad, the descriptions were bad, Deke was bad, the romance was bad, and the brief (thank god) sex scene was one the most unsexy I have ever read. I would have welcomed a fade to black.


I'm sorry to say I didn't like this at all. It put me in an un-Christmas-y mood. Such a bummer, since the cover held a promise of a sweet story. 

I've listened to 56% of Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water - Amy Lane

"Fucking mine, you hear me? Mine--no one else's, you're fucking mine and I fucking want you. I want you, and I'm taking you, and I'm never giving you back!"


Lord, help me. These two!



Review: Sinner's Gin (Sinner's series #1)

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford

Re-listen November 2016:
I liked it a bit better this time, but maybe it was because I had listened to it once before and knew the story? Anyway, I enjoyed Kane and Miki more this time around. I'm keeping my original rating of 3,5 stars.

Original review June 2015:


*** 3,5 audio stars ***

Interesting characters and plot including some heavy subjects, but it's not graphic, it's just hinted at. I did feel Kane and Miki got together a bit quickly and the I love you's were too. Their connection was missing "something." I loved Kane's big Irish family, especially his father Donal. The story was wrapped up at the end of the book, with a pretty big "read the next book!" last chapter that set the stage for the next book! 
In short. I liked it, but I didn't love it. 

The narration was good, but not great. It fell a bit... flat. Sure Kane and his family has Irish accents and Kane's partner had a latino accent, but that's about it. It was a bit monotone, you know? The narration didn't grab me and hold my attention, I found myself zoning out at times and had to go back and listen to the same part over again. I think it might have worked better if I'd listened and read at the same time, but I just listened this first time around. 

Review: Daring Fate (Silver Tip Pack #1)

Daring Fate - Megan Erickson

*** 3,5 stars ***

This is Megan Erickson's new shifter series, Silver Tip Pack, book one Daring Fate.

It takes place in a dystopian near-ish future where all humans have been wiped out by a virus about a hundred years ago, leaving only three species: werewolves, Weres, and Noweres. Werewolves, are human shifters that has two forms, human and wolf. Weres have three forms, human, wolf, and a cross between the two, a huge man wolf standing on two feet. Noweres are Weres bitten by other Noweres who are contaminated with the deadly virus that killed off the humans, and mutates--- ... they're zombies. Zombie Weres, okay? No need for a complicated explanation. Don't get scratched or bitten, or you will become one very dead, but moving, ugly looking, mindless, and lethal Nowere yourself. They roam around in packs eating and turning those who are unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Reese is a werewolf who has been beaten, and left for dead by his old pack. His brother, Jude, seeks help from the Were pack. close by. They both gets thrown in a cell, and is brought before the pack's Alpha, Dare. Dare and Reese turns out to be True Mates. No one has known a mating between a Were and a werewolf before, since the packs have been mostly separated from each other. Reese isn't sure he can trust Dare to begin with, but he trusts the mate bond. Reese has a secret, though. His sister is still at his old pack. She is to be unwillingly mated with the leader. Reese wants to save her, but he is torn whether he should tell Dare or not, fearing an involvement of Dare and his pack can send the two packs into war with each other.

Overall I really liked this! The first 30 % was more or less Reese and Dare having hot, hot, hot mating sex. Then there was pack life to be learned up until 60-ish %. Then the drama and action started.

I wish Reese and Dare could have talked more. They assumed too much, or one of them flat out decided what were to happen without discussion, only to say something contradictory later. It was a bit too much back and forth, and miscommunication, or rather lack of communication.

I really liked the world building, especially with the three species including Noweres. Those were frightening! I do feel they were "under used" as a plot point, there were just a couple of brief (but scary scenes) with them, even though they were talked about a lot. But this is a shifter mate book firstly, not a zombie books. I'm just wishing for more zombie weres.

There were a lot of interesting side characters. G and Jude for one! I would love to read more about them.

I did like the end, and I'm looking forward to Dare's brother, Bay's story next!

So overall I enjoyed reading this, but I ended up not loving it as I thought I would. But I still recommend it, and I'm looking forward to the next book!


I've read 37% of Just Drive

Just Drive - L.A. Witt

Kudos to Witt for having a character not being into

receiving anal sex,

(show spoiler)

and talking/being open to his partner about it! It's refreshing really, since it is not for everyone. It goes to show the sex is smoking hot anyway.

I've read 12% of Just Drive

Just Drive - L.A. Witt

"Of all the drivers they could've sent tonight," he panted, "I'm so fucking glad they sent you."


Damn, this scene's hot! Phew


Review: The Dom Around the Corner

The Dom Around the Corner - Christine d'Abo

*** 3,5 stars ***


A short, sweet and hot BDSM read about finding someone who's your match. Enough character depth to make this short novella. I enjoyed the dual point of view.


Recommended as an inbetween read.

I've read 17% of Daring Fate

Daring Fate - Megan Erickson

As a True Mate pair, my parents had been able to communicate silently, a gift of their bond. Apparently, each Mated pairing was special and any gifts that might occur as a result were different, depending on the bond. Well, so far, I didn't feel different except for a sore ass.



But a good sore ass, no, Reese? :D

Review: A Family for Christmas

A Family for Christmas - Jay Northcote

**** 4,5 enjoyable stars ****


"I'd like to try loving you, if you'll let me?"


This was soooo sweet! It gave me all the warm fuzzy feels!


Rudy has got a crush on the new guy at work, Zac. When Rudy realize Zac plans to be alone for Christmas he invites him home to celebrate with Rudy and his family.



Rudy's family is large, boisterous, fun, and accepting. I loved the scenes where they played games! Rudy and Zac, poses as boyfriends to not disappoint Rudy's mother. I loved how there was actual flirting in this story! Tentative touches, hand holding, and sweet kisses! Gah, it was adorable.


Recommended for a fluffy Christmas read, with a joyous family feel, and a sweet romance!



Thanks to Susan for the BR!

Review: Where There's a Will (Panopolis series #3)

Where There's A Will - Cari Z.

This was the third and last installment in the Panopolis series. It was also the only full novel length story. This one featuring a secondary story from #1 and #2.


I was looking forward to reading about Craig Haney aka the Hero "Freight Train". He hasn't been very likable in the other stories, but he redeemed himself at the end of #2, so I wondered how his story would go.


Craig accidentally came by his powers seven years ago, when he got some liquid spilled on him that changed him in a way that he got a force field around his body. Not like a round bubble, but close to his skin. Nothing can touch him through his force field. His clothes he has to wear on top of it. He wears cloths like normal, but he can't feel them on him. He also can't feel simple things like, his mattress or pillow lying down, or touch from other people, they only feel the buzzing of his shield. Being impenetrable also means he cannot take physical damage, from say explosions, fire, or bullets. Pretty handy when he's a Hero battling Villains as a job.


Of course, since the shield is pretty much impenetrable from outside force, it is also impenetrable for anything going out of it too. Like, pee, poop and, yes, cum. Cue catheter, enema and mostly dry orgasms, since if he does uhm, shoot, he has to go to the clinic to get cleaned up by the staff. So yeah, his force field didn't really give me the sexy feels. Real issues for him, though, just not sexy.


I had so much sympathy for Craig. Having a force field might sound cool, but in reality it really isn't. In addition to the drawbacks I mentioned above, if for instance, his clothes gets disintegrated during Villain battling, like in a fire or something, he's suddenly naked. Unharmed, but naked in public.


There's a new scientist, Dr. Ari Mansourian, working for the corporation that manages all the Heroes, and he seems genuinely interested in both Craig, and helping him. I liked Ari, he was very thoughtful of Craig, and showed much compassion that Craig hasn't experienced much of from GenCorps. As a love interest, he was a bit, I don't know, flat? I didn't feel much chemistry between them. I'm not sure whether or not Craig got interested in Ari as a person, or as a person showing Craig kindness? They did have some sweet scenes, though, and the romance is there, and I'm very happy the two of them got their happily ever after. Very happily ever after. ;)


There were several secondary characters I would have liked to give a big smack, though. Mr. Fabulous, and his inflated ego, Craig's greedy manager, but also Craig's grandmother since she continually put Craig down, and even smacked him with her purse once because she was disappointed by him, when what she should have been considerate and supportive.


All in all, this installment was okay. It didn't wow me, but I was satisfied with the end.


Thanks to Marco for the BR!

I've read 43% of Where There's a Will

Where There's A Will - Cari Z.

I like Freight Train, the story is not bad, but not much have happened yet and I'm almost halfway. Hopefully something interesting will happen soon. *drums fingers*

Review: Where There's Fire (Panopolis series #2)

Where There's Fire - Cari Z.

**** 4 Villain stars ****


This was much better than #1 Where There's Smoke. There's actual character development here. There's also more action, more powers, more villains, more side characters that does a decent job of framing the story, and also more to fight for.


The story picks up six months after the end of #1. Edward is learning how to use his new psychic power, which is not without costs. Raul aka The Mad Bombardier gets kidnapped by a Super (?) Villain named Maggot (ick by the way), who uses Raul as leverage to get Edward to do a heist for him. A lot of shit goes down, not all according to plan, and there's the epic show down, which was awesome. Revenge is sweet!



I really liked Edward in this. How he is dealing with his powers, both pros and cons. How he sets upon solving the almost impossible task set for him by Maggot to save the man he loves. I went from disliking Freight Train to liking him, since he redeemed himself from #1, and the touching scene with him was just heartbreaking. 



All in all, I enjoyed this story. Much more than #1. I also really liked the cover for this book. It sets the mood in a way, looking at this cover and reading the first chapter when Edward stalks the dark streets of Panopolis.


Thanks for Marco for the BR! 

Review: Where there's Smoke (Panopolis series #1)

Where There's Smoke - Cari Z.

*** 3 could have been much better stars ***


An intriguing premise of a story that fell short on delivering. 


The character description is lacking. The blossoming romance sucks. There is no relationship development due to a shitty time jump of ONE YEAR! 


Me, in every story with (untimely. heh) time jump:



The two main characters basically meet, and then in one page or so, a year had passed and they are a "happy couple".


I hate (see above) time jumps. They take me out of the story and I loose my relation with the characters which I barely got in the first place, since the story just started. 


The stalky Hero annoyed me, and his nosy grandmother.


The ending saved the story in my opinion. I think I'm too generous with 3 stars, but I liked the premise of this story, it's certainly original, and I liked the end as a setup for the sequel. 


I've already read #2 Where There's Fire before writing this review, so don't let this lukewarm review discourage you to continue.


Thanks to Marco for the BR!