Save of the Game

Save of the Game - Avon Gale

**** 4,5 favorite hockey stars ****

I started this series because it sounded interesting and the reviews were good, especially for #3, so I wanted to read that one, but had to start at the beginning. Now after having read all three of them, this #2 Save the Game is my favorite followed closely by #1 Breakaway. I was kinda expecting to like #3 Power Play the best, but it was a bit (like a tiny bit) of a let down compared to the two previous down.  But #3 was still good, and it definitely must be read before #4 Empty Net comes out. Which I'm dying to, because of the awesome excerpt at the end of #3! *excited* But I digress, since this is the review of #2, not #3.

This book is about Riley and Ethan. Riley and Ethan is Lane's team mates, the MC of the first book. I was excited to start this book just for that reason. Riley and Ethan both made enough of an impression in book 1 to really want to read their story. Neither Riley or Ethan has been with a guy before, so they're figuring things out as they go along. It's an awesome ride be come along with. They're both so different, but so well matched. It's a joy to read about. Especially when they find out they enjoy some slight kink too. The dialogue is so funny in this book, just as the previous one, and I laughed several times. I started to really care about Riley and Ethan. Love those two guys!

"We have this room all night, Riles. You're only going to fuck me once? Lame."
"What if you're sore, though?"
Ethan leveled a stare at him. "You remember our last four games? I got in a fight in every single one of them. This was like that but with an orgasm. Who cares if I'm sore?"

There is also a lot about the team and Riley and Ethan's family, all mixed together with hockey and their games. I know nothing about hockey, well apart from what I read in #1, but this book too also got me excited for their team and the tournament! 

Overall this is a feel good book! Great, funny and quirky main characters. Great secondary characters, from the team, from the previous book, and the guys family. Lots of team spirit, both on the ice, in the locker room and off the ice. I lost and won along with the players. I loved the way the opposing teams fought like hell on the ice, but after the game was over they were all friendly and went for a beer together. There's little to no angst at all, no miscommunication, no homophobia, the general feel is "so you're gay/bi, no biggy". 

Just a small note. There is a brief mf scene in this book as well. Ethan hooks up with a girl before him and Riley figure out they're attracted to each other, and get together. I wasn't too much bothered with this scene either. It's not explicit or long. I do prefer my mm books without mf, though. However I knew this going in, so I'm not complaining. 

I recommend this book and series!