Review: Breakaway by Avon Gale, audio edition

Breakaway - Avon Gale

**** 4,5 hot for hockey stars ****


Audio edition, narrator Scott R. Smith.

7 hours 33 minutes


Overall: 4,5

Performance: 4

Story: 5


I've really enjoyed listening to the book I've read a couple of months ago! 


I love how this book, and series, is just a feel-good angst-free story.


It's about Lane Courtnall, a 20 year old drafted hockey player starting with a new team. He's gay. He's from Canada, and the hockey team is in Florida. So it's basically like moving to another planet, Americans are so weird including their bills and coins, he can't figure them out. The feeling is mutual from his new teammates. Lane has a malfunctioning brain-mouth filter, and poor, if non-existing social skills. He means well, it's just his well-meaning thoughts aren't expressed very well.


Lane wasn't good at feelings. That's why he played sports.


This has landed him in trouble with his team mates. To make up for it, and hopefully earn some cool points, impulsive Lane decides that a brawl with the opposing team's enforcer, Jared Shore, is the perfect way to go.


Did it hurt to get punched? Probably.


Jared Shore has got a long career playing hockey. He's a hardplaying veteran, both respected and kinda feared due to his reputation as a brawler on the ice. Jared is bisexual, with an emphasis on the bi, there, just so you know there will be something related to that in the story. It's short, though.


Lane and Jared hit it off, literally the first time. Jared finds himself charmed by Lane's foot-in-mouth syndrom, and his eagerness.


I just loved these two together. What I really liked that they were guys acting like guys. If that makes sense. The dialogue were especially good. There's also an age gap. Jared will be 32 next season, and Lane is 20. So it's the seasoned veteran with the rookie. This is also true in bed. Lane is a virgin, but is eager to learn. Very eager. Let's just say Jared's nickname for Lane is "Rocket". Their sex scenes are real, fumbling (at least at first), and sprinkled with humor due to Lane's ability to say the darnedest things.


"Hey, Coach." Lane felt Jared's involuntary reaction as his hips pushed up sharply. He covered his phone with his hand. "No. This is my actual hockey coach. Not my boyfriend sex coach."

"That's not where you cover the mic, dude," Jared said, snorting a laugh while Lane turned six shades of red.


I loved how they were competitive, but also helped each other out. I loved their team and team mates. The secondary characters are great. The story is just good, through and through. I feel it even gets better towards the end. Lane's contract negotiation and telling Jared the good news was hilarious. And there's the most awesome epilogue. 


I know nothing about hockey, except it's played on ice and the point is to get the puck into the goal. This book got me all excited about the sport, though. There's a lot of team spirit in this book, both from Lane and Jared's team. I really liked reading about it, and got really excited when Jared and Lane's team played against each others. I couldn't quite decide whom to root for. Them both, really!


Smith did a great job narrating this. I must admit, though, it took a while to warm up, or get used to him. I'd have like to have his voice for Lane more distinct. His voice for Jared was awesome, all low and sexy. His other voices for the secondary characters were good too. I do think the next audio books in the series will be even better.