Alien: Out of the Shadows

Alien: Out of the Shadows - Andrea Deck, Kathryn Drysdale, Ishmael "Mac"mcdonald, Corey Johnson, Rutger Hauer, Matthew Gregory Lewis, Tim Lebbon, Laurel Lefkow, Dirk Maggs

***** 5 Ripley stars *****

Audio play, dramatized audio play.
Narrated by Laurel Lefkow (as "Ripley"), Rutger Hauer (as "Ash"), Corey Johnson (as "Hooper"), Matthew Lewis (as "Baxter"), Kathryn Drysdale (as "Snedin"), Andrea Deck (as "Kosinov"), Mac McDonald (as LeChance). 

4 hours 31 minutes

Overall: 5
Performance: (6!) 5
Story: 4

I'm so impressed!

This audio edition of Alien: Out of the Shadows is a dramatized version based on the book, meaning there's no narrator, but it is acted out like a radio play. There's a voice actor for each character, and they are acting their roles and not narrating them. So it's more an audio play than an audio book. Get it?

On top of that there are a lot of awesome sound effects and music score added. Like doors opening, computer sounds, ship creaking and  sounds from equipment and weapons, elevator going down, alarms blaring, beeping sounds, echoes in hallways, basically everything you can think of to build an audible version around the characters, and making an atmosphere with music. And of course, not forget, the love-to-hate aliens or Xenomorphs. They tip toes, and clatter, shriek and scream as we all know from the movies. It was goosebump-inducing! 

I literally had goosebumps listening to the first 30 minutes. It was all so... real! The sound effects, the "waiting-for-shit-hitting-the-fan" feeling, the slightly claustrophobic feeling of being on a space ship, and hearing Ripley's voice. I had to check the voice actor list twice to make sure that Sigourney Weaver wasn't in this. Laurel Lefkov, the voice actor of Ripley was SO good!

A little bit about the story.
Alien: Out of the Shadow takes place between the first Alien movie and the second, Aliens. After Ripley blew up the space ship Nostromo in Alien, she put herself (and Jones "Jonsey", the cat, remember him?) into hyper sleep. When Ripley wakes up in #2 Aliens 57 years have passed. This story takes place in the middle of this time gap, 30-ish years after the Nostromo.

The mining ship Marion with a small crew on board is orbiting around the planet LV-178 which is being mined for precious mineral. However, they dug too deep and the Marion gets into some "xeno-trouble" and then Ripley's drifting life boat gets picked up on their radar and they bring her aboard. Unlikely, you might say, but it's all explained in the story. And it was believable in my opinion.


What follows is true chaos in true Alien fashion. The crew and bad ass Ripley battles the vicious and violent Xenomorphs with barely any weapons, through both ship and mining hallways.

You know, the usual...

It was great listening to this!

Since what happens aboard the Marion is not mentioned in the following Alien movies, what happens to Ripley at the end is self explanatory. I've seen reviews saying it was a lazy way out, but I don't agree. What other "out" was there than what happened? 

Highly, highly recommended if you are a fan of Aliens and murder and mayhem in space. And also of Ripley. Woot!