Lonely Hearts

Lonely Hearts - Heidi Cullinan, Iggy Toma
**** 4 Lonely Hearts ****

Audio edition, narrator Iggy Toma.
12 hours 13 minutes

Overall: 4
Performance: 5
Story: 4

What a perfect title! So fitting Elijah and Baz's story.

I loved listening to their story. I didn't feel quite the same way about this as I did Fever Pitch, though, I think I was missing the music. I didn't care much for Elijah and Baz getting high often. And the easy and carefree way Baz treated his proscribed and non-proscribed drugs and alcohol, often sharing it with Elijah. Elijah popped Xanax as a stress reliever and/or for just getting high, sometimes together with alcohol and weed, and together with Baz. Elijah clearly has some mental issues after the way he's been treated by his fanatical religious parents, from his runaway days and from the big scene from the last book #2 Fever Pitch concerning his father. They aren't addressed until the end of the book. I was a bit surprised at how their group of friends just went along with the getting high throughout the book, instead of say in no or stop to it. No one raised a flag. Not even the school's priest who Elijah has talking sessions with to cope with everything. Baz knew very well of Elijah struggling with his emotions and his trouble dealing with everything, but he didn't take that into consideration sharing his drugs with Elijah. Baz even got Elijah his own prescription bottle of Xanax through his mother/family's assistant! Without Elijah's consent or him seeing a doctor or anything. As a medical personel myself, I didn't like carefree and easy way the drugs was treated and abused. Just my two cent about it.

I really liked the storyline with Baz and his family, that is to say his mother and her running for political office. I loved how all the people I've gotten to know over the last two books came together and helped both Baz and Elijah.

This story has it's own extra story line too, the same as Elijah was in book #2 Fever Pitch. This time it was Lewis or Lejla. I looooved it! Please, let there be a book about Lewis/Lejla! 
Pretty please!