Coming Home

Coming Home (Firsts and Forever Series #9) - Alexa Land

**** 4 fluffy stars ****

Audio edition, narrated by Greg Tremblay.
9 hours 50 minutes

Overall: 4
Performance: 5
Story: 3

This is my first book of the series. The audio just came out and I picked it up just because it was narrated by my fav Greg Tremblay. I was a bit confused as to why the audio suddenly started with #9 or the series? Oh well. 

This can totally be read (listened to) out of order. I recon all the side characters mentioned were previous main characters, and main-characters-to-be, in the series. I didn't feel I missed anything by not having read the previous books. The only thing I want to mention is that all of them were a lot. There was a few pages in the beginning with kind of name/info dump, since there's at least nine couples being mentioned from passed books. There is only introductions and hand shakes at a wedding celebration, though, so no biggy. This book was all about Chance and Finn.

Or rather Chance trying to find his way in life, and struggling to survive, and then meeting Finn. I feel the story had a nice build up, both in the character of Chance and Chance and Finn's relationship. The story is a bit "wide", with telling of Chance's neighbor and friend, Chance's friendship with the series other character, Chance going off to try to find his father, but also the part dropping by his childhood home to see his mother and brother, finding only his brother at home with his boyfriend. Seems the two brothers have more in common than they thought. Chance and his mother didn't have a good relationship and they had a falling out years ago (which is explained), so he took off to San Francisco, leaving his little brother with his mother. I can never really understand these story lines. How a character leaves his home for whatever reason and then leave the sibling behind in an enviroment the MC thought uninhabitable. Then showing up years later and just picks up the pieces and saying "I'm your brother, I want to take care of you". Well, where were you all those years your little brother was growing up, eh? Aaaanyway.

Lots and lots of plot in this book, a little "wide", and much totally glossed over, not really realistic, but hey... I actually enjoyed them all. Much thanks to Greg Tremblay. 
Honorable mention is Nana. An almost over the top crazy, ridiculous "grand" mother character. Wow, that pole dancing, and the scene at the police station.