Review: How to Walk Like a Man

How to Walk Like a Man - Eli Easton

**** 4 Roman stars ****

Audio edition, narrator Matthew Shaw.
7 hours 53 minutes

Overall: 4
Performance: 5
Story: 4

Oh, Roman. Roman, Roman, Roman. You're such a great guy! And dog!  *gives head noogie*

I love the cover for this book. And the title is so spot on!

This audio book was awesome! Matthew Shaw does another great job conveying the dog nature of Roman. You can practically hear the eager, loyal, curious, dog behind the man. I loved it! Especially the first half of the book.

The phone conversations between curious Roman and Lance, his friend and boss the Sheriff was some of the high points and truly hilarious.

"Ookay. So probably, your human sexuality is kicking in. It's fine, Roman, it's perfectly normal. Didn't you get eh.. excited, maybe by a female heat scent when you were a dog?"
Now Roman was embarrassed.
"I think so, sir, a few times. But I couldn't see it!"
Roman looked down at himself. He didn't like sleeping in clothes so there was nothing to keep his penis from being terribly obvious. It sure looked swollen and red and hard, like there was something wrong with it. He touched it experimentally with the fingers of the hand not holding the phone. 

Roman discovers one thing that's even more amazing than having hands being newly "quickened", turned human. LOL

Roman and Matt starts off as friends and their relationship slowly develops. I liked Matt, but didn't love him. This book is Roman's, and I loved getting to know him better! 
There were a few things that I didn't like about the story, which dragged down the rating.

Plot holes being dug..

-------spoilers ahead-------

I didn't the "beard" story line of Luci. Luci being Matt's friend and cover for not being out. They've apparently "been a couple" for about a year, and she moves with Matt to town, so she can concentrate on her law studies (online, I guess??). She has to tell her parents that they're engaged, because otherwise she wouldn't be allowed to move in with her "boyfriend". Matt gets upset about it, but goes along with it. Matt is in the closet, afraid of his domineering and strict father, a retired US General.

I didn't like Matt's father at all. He shows up several times out of nowhere, throwing his weight around and harps Matt about "making right by Luci". I also hated that he checked up on Roman and his service records.  I mean, why the heck did he do that? And what on earth gave him the right? And why didn't Matt question his father doing that? I mean, your overbearing father doing a background check on your friend  for no apparent reason, and you don't get pissed about it? Just reacting on what the General discovered.

Speaking of service. I also think it was stupid for Roman to tell Matt about his military service. Or at least the details of the service. Roman was in the military as a dog and his handler, James, was killed on their mission in Afghanistan. It's an easy thing to check if it's true, which happened with Matt's father. I feel it didn't ring true that Lance, Sheriff and leader of the Mad Creek pack, didn't instruct Roman to go easy on the details, if Lance is so worried about the secret of their town being found out. Debriefing his own deputy of how much to disclose about his past, should have been a high priority. Especially when getting a DEA agent, Matt, assigned to his office.

Another thing about Matt that I didn't find likely is that Matt was supposed to have been a SWAT agent before he got promoted to DEA agent. (Is that really a promotion btw?) My impression is that SWAT agents (at least in books) are hard ass tough guys that are the front lines in raids. Matt didn't strike me as "SWAT kind" of guy. He was too kind and too much of a pushover in my opinion.

Lastly when Paco ran away, he isn't missed much by Matt, he's barely mentioned by Matt or anyone. He was at Matt's house for two weeks before he suddenly "ran off". Why didn't Matt and Luci find it more strange that a dogs just suddenly show up and then is suddenly gone. They just accepted he was gone, and there was nothing more to it.

----------spoilers finished---------

All in all, though, I highly enjoyed this book and the narration. Don't let my plot hole irritation turn you off.
Highly recommended!