Fish Stick Fridays

Fish Stick Fridays - Rhys Ford *** 3,5 okay stars ***

Audio edition, narrator Spencer Goss.
6 hours 58 minutes

Overall: 3,5
Performance: 4
Story: 3

Deacon Reid is a biker turned uncle for his 8 year old niece, Zig, after her mother, Deacon's sister killed herself. The story picks off after he's fought a custody battle for several months where he finally gets Zig out of the foster care system, so she can stay with him. It has been a long battle, where Deacon had to prove his worth seeing as his past is somewhat shady and includes some jail time spent for buying and using parts for his biker building business that turned out to be stolen and Zig is traumatized after her mother's death and staying in not so great foster homes while the custody battles went on. Deacon has sold everything he has and relocated to Half Moon Bay to start over in a better place for Zig to grow up. He has bought and auto shop and next door is a book store owned by Lang Harris, who has his own demons to battle.

The story has a lot going for it. Deacon is hot a biker dude, and Lang is the nerdy bookish book store owner. Zig is a colorful personality to say the least. She kind of reminded me of Tyson in T.J Klune's "Bear, Otter and the Kid." She was awesome. She worked up owing the swear-jar quite a lot. LOL! Deacon was a wonderful uncle and adult in Zig's life, even though he made it up as he went along. But don't all parents (or parental figures) do that?

What I didn't like was the insta-love. The insta-attraction I could deal with, but them uttering of "I love you" after just a few days or something was waaay too early and insta for me. I would have loved more build up, flirting and UST (unresolved sexual tension) instead of "I love yous". 

The mystery or action was... overdone? I mean... two motel fires during the course of the book?? Zig and Deacon's past and Lang's past made them VERY unfortunate and unlucky people, indeed.

Spence Goss did a good job narrating this. There were a couple of times I feel he used the wrong voice narration for the wrong character. There was one time when Zig and Lang was talking and the sentences was narrated in Zig's voice which I think was supposed to be Lang saying it. I'm not sure, though. I might be wrong. But there were at least a couple of times when listening I felt it was wrong. But it might be me, and I didn't bookmark it unfortunately.

All in all, Rhys writing is great as always! The narration was good. I liked all the characters, but I think the insta-love was too fast and the mystery/action bit was a bit overdone.
I'm not sure it goes on my to-be-read-again list, but I'm happy I listened to it!