Easy Evenings

Easy Evenings - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay

* 1 annoyed star *

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay.
2 hours 24 minutes

Overall: 1
Performance: 5
Story: 1

Plot spoiler..

I HATE the "inherits" a child trope. I also don't like children in romances, or books generally, since they are almost always picture perfect, tiny adults. Which kids are not, okay?
No three year old acts like this! No three year old talks like this! 3-year olds are barely out of their nappies and they most certainly don't provide insightful and meaningful comments to a conversation.
Your life does not immediately become blissfully perfect and happy just because you suddenly find yourself, meaning the main character Lazlo, a father. I would think the other way around, to be honest.

This whole story was just so stupid, the romance was stupid, and the angst was so stupid.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!!


ps. Even Greg didn't manage to salvage this one..