Sultry Sunset

Sultry Sunset - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay *** 3 stars ***

Audio edition, narration Greg Tremblay
1 hour 57 minutes

Overall: 3
Performance: 5
Story: 2

This one was a bit weird.
The novella is nice,  if you look at how it portrays Mangrove and it's citizens. The community is warm with friendly people. 
Looking at this as a romance between the supposedly main characters, Hutch Crowley and Mike Rojas, it's confusing and downright bad. Hutch is the first POV, and Mike is barely "on page". So their romance isn't developed at all. They're best buddies and Mike is straight. Then, bam, he's not and there's a short hot scene riiiight at the end of the novella. If I had blinked, pardon, put my fingers in my ears for a second, I would have missed it. 

Nice community novella pluss narration equals 3 stars.
Romance and GFY equals 1 star.