Jack's Sweets

Jack's Sweets - Bellann Summer ** 2 stupid stars **

Audio edition, narrated by Darcy Stark.
2 hours and 27 minutes

Overall: 1
Performance: 3
Story: 1

I had just finished #1 Bear's Pup of this series. My review here. Bear's Pup was just a fun, silly, cheesy romance galore, but there's a point where cheesy becomes stupid, and it happened in this book. 
The story was just unbelievable and I was rolling my eyes harder and harder.

Jack Woods is a team member of the Rescue for Hire company ran by the main character of #1, Cade. Cade and Jack are also best friends. Cade and Bret of #1 also make an appearance in this book.
This time the Rescue Team is called in to help with a shooting at the community center (what's with this town? Flooding and shootings all over the place?). There, Jack rescues one of the teachers, Brian Hayward, and his class of perfectly behaved 3 year olds, who just do as their told. and don't kick up a fuzz when a huge guys in tactical wear comes and is sneaking them all out to safety. (Yeah, right) 

Anyway, bam! Insta attraction and love between Jack and Brian. Because, eye color.

But what drew Jack in was his eyes. They were large and blue. Not light blue or dark blue, but a blue blue. With long thick dark lashes surrounding them.

Cue, the cheese!
What made me roll my eyes (blue, for the record. I don't know if they are "blue blue" or "dark blue", though) was not
- the insta attraction, or
- Brian's inability to pull up his own damn pants, or even walk because of some cuts and bruises due to a fall on the asphalt at the beginning of the book. Jack actually carries him around just because Brian has cuts on his knees and they were "a little sore", because Jack is such a nurturer, as the blurb say
- or this:

Brian's eyes widened as he watched this huge hunk of a man actually down on his knees in front of him. If he'd been near a camera he would have taken a picture, so when he was old, and in a wheel chair, he could just stare at the sight before him.

What made me Judge Judy roll my eyes, was the insanely stupid story plot! Why not call this story (plot spoiler!) "how to get the new couple-in-love, babies (yes, plural!), and "conveniently" not have the mother in the picture. Because she gets killed running from the hospital due to the shock of finding out she's expecting twins. If she hadn't gotten dead, Jack was anyway filing for full custody of his maybe-his-baby('ies, as it turns out) because his ex girlfriend hadn't been taking "good care" of herself with the pregnancy. And the whole team of seven alpha men trying to care for the "scary" babies".

The whole story plot was just so unbelievable stupid that I didn't get to enjoy the cheesiness. This one was a miss. I'm still continuing with the series, though.