Bear's Pup

Bear's Pup - Bellann Summer, Darcy Stark *** 3 cheesy stars ***

Audio edition, narration Darcy Stark.
2 hours 9 minutes

Overall: 3
Performance: 3
Story: 2

Um, right... LOL

I picked this audio book up on sale for just a couple of dollars. There's a whole series of them, actually, and this is (just) the first! I thought "what the heck" and bought them all.

I was expecting cheesy, and boy, did I get cheesy.

Cade Miller, "the bear",  runs a Rescue for Hire company. During a search and rescue due to flooding, he rescues a man from the river, who's got more injuries than can be explained by just being a victim of the flood.
Cade, the pup, just knows he wants to love Bret James forever, just by looking at him! Cade takes Bret home with him to nurse him back to health, 'cause that's what you do, when you pull a cute guy out of a river on a rescue mission..

He knew that this small, blond headed man was going to be his for the long haul of life. He just had to wait for the little guy to figure it out.

Bret has quite the horrible back story, the cause of his injuries, but seems to instantly trust the big bear of a man, Cade. Even going without condoms, because they "trust each other so". After just a few days. *rolls eyes* They're just perfect for each other, see!

Cade found over the next few days, his dominating personality meshed completely with Bret's more submissive needs. Cade needed to touch Bret every time they were in the same room. Thank goodness this matched Bret's need for Cade's touch.
Under Cade's calm, firm demeanor the pup was slowly settling.

Bret's back story is revealed and there's some angst related to this. The story is absolutely OTT and not realistic at all. I'm amazed, really, how much "story" there is in this barely two hour audio. 

I started listening to this while doing some house work, and several times I just had roll my eyes, or chuckle, or laugh due to the silly story and narration.  It was insta attraction slash love at first sight. Everything is just so exaggerated and silly, couple with the breathy, soft voice of the narrator it's just cheesy romance galore! The narration and story just need to be experienced. It was such a silly, fun and kinda sweet treat.

Cade added a third finger. He then scissored them back and forth to make room. Knowing how large his cock became when he was aroused.

Oh, really, I didn't know..


Bring some crackers and help yourself to a good size portion of cheesy romance!