Blue Days

Blue Days - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay *** 3,5 stars ***

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay.
2 hours 49 minutes

Overall: 3
Performance: 5
Story: 3

I really liked this story, much thanks to the excellent narration of Greg Tremblay!

It's the first part in the Mangrove series, and it basically tells us how the story (and series) ends up in Mangrove, Florida.

Dwyer Knolls and Takeo Hiroyuki works for the same company. That's a bit simplified, but let's just go with it. Also, who in their right mind calls their MC for Dwyer Knolls?
Anyway, there's interest from both sides from day one, but it still takes year for them to finally get together. I didn't mind it. It was a slow build and a friends to lovers story. I liked getting to know Dwyer and Takeo and was very happy for them when they got together. And, phew, did they get together! 
I don't care if it the story was slightly unbelievable, I just enjoyed the story and Tremblay's narration. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.