Turkey in the Snow

Turkey in the Snow - Amy Lane, Gomez Pugh **** 4 Shrek and donkey stars ****

Audio edition, narrator Gomez Pugh.
2 hours 32 minutes

Overall: 4
Performance: 5
Story: 4

"You're like Shrek, uncle Hank."
"All grumpy sometimes. And Justin is like donkey."

Hank Calder suddenly had to take on the father role when his irresponsible sister dumped her own daughter (!) on Hank. Hank is a down-to-earth kind of guy who hates drama (Shrek, right?), but he loves his little niece because he is a caretaker and has always wanted a child and a family of his own. Justin, the daycare worker at Hank's gym is a "swishy, flaming twinkie" who Hank feel is drama through and through (lol, donkey). However, when Hank sorely needs help, Justin offers.

This was a really great story! I was positively surprised. There's no perfect little mini-adult in Hank's four year old niece and Hank's thoughts and feelings about the challenges of caring for her is spot on. And not in an annoying way, but in a smirking kinda way when you recognize his thoughts with familiarity. 

There's an age gap between Hank and Justin. 

We have real pizza", he [Hank] said hopefully. "And beer. That is if you're, um, you know.. 21 yet? And if not I've got milk. But would you..."
Justin brighten while he was talking, like the light that made him Justin from the inside had been flipped on.
"I'd totally love to", he said keeping his voice quiet even if his gestures started to get a little loud. "And don't worry, I turned 21 in November so you're totally safe. Not corrupting a minor or anything."
Hank had been leading him down the hall and he turned around and looked at him sharply over that. Justin returned the look cheekily.

Milk, Hank? Seriously? LOL! 

The story is full of little funny moments like this. Especially the conversation that explained the title. Hilarious!! 

Gomez Pugh did an excellent narration and he really brought life to the characters. I think he made this story better.
Highly recommended for a short, sweet and funny audio book.