Hard Fall

Hard Fall  - James Buchanan

**** 4,5 still awesome stars ****

I figured it was about time to let myself fall, fall real hard, so long as I landed in his arms.

Reread February, 2016. I'm giving this book a rating bump! I enjoyed it more this time around and I still remember the book from one year ago, so that speaks louder than any rating.
I love the way the story is written in Joe's first person POV with a country boy drawl (Utah dialect?). It takes some time to get used to, but it's so worth it when you get the hang of it. It really speaks for Joe, the character.
Love Joe and Kabe!
Off to the next in the series.


**** 4 Deputy stars ****

A romance with a touch of murder mystery (but, really the mystery was minimal).
Told in Deputy Joe's distinct butch cowboy drawl. It was a bit challenging reading it, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. It really fitted the story.

Joe is a Deputy and a Mormon, he's also gay which the Church doesn't approve of, so he struggles. No temptation of any kind. 

I know. I know. Gay and Mormon don't cohabit very well. The Church has been wrong on other stuff, seen the light and changed their ways...I'm hoping someday they'll see light on this issue. Can't say I'm holding my breath, though. Let's face it. God made me this way. (...) I don't have any choice in wanting another guy's meat.

Temptation proves to be too strong after meeting Kade. Both Joe and Kade are climbers so there is some focus on that in the book. But that too fitted since it built trust between them. (No shit, if you're dangling by ropes on a mountain cliff.) Joe also love nature and the mountains.

And I loved the mountains, loved 'em like my own life. Nothing in the world could compare to a huge sky miles from any hint of civilization. Reminded me of sex...the openness of it, the forgetting yourself in the moment of it, losing your soul to something bigger and touching creation for just a second. Closet romantic, me.

Joe is on the road to self discovery and Kade is along for the ride. Kade was adorable and strong, with enough spite to challenge Joe and kind of hustle him out of his shell.

He [Kabe] grabbed my hat where I'd left it hooked on a branch and made a big show of dusting it off as he walked over. The way he played with my Stetson, blowing dust off the brim, there was no question in my mind he used it as a stand in for certain parts of my body.

My favorite scene in the book was at the 70% mark. Holy hotness! :-O Worth reading only for that scene. 

I really liked this book. It was different, but good different. Mostly because of the way it was written, the language in it. The descriptions and expression Joe uses was entertaining.

A recommended read. Check my updates for more. :)