Review: Status Update

Status Update - Annabeth Albert

 Audio edition, narrator Sean Crisden

6 hours 55 minutes


Overall: 4

Performance: 5

Story: 4


Update: July 2016:

I'm so happy I went with the audio this time! I read this book in January this year and I really liked it. It was very cute and sweet story about the tightly wound and closeted geo-archaeologist, Noah, who at the age of 35 is still very much unexperienced with anything sex and relationship wise, and the more open and charismatic Adrian, a 25 year old game developer.

I loved the slow build and their interest and careful (sometimes not with Adrian, lol) flirting and approach to coming together. I loved the game nerd references. I loved Noah's professor-y speak and Adrian's ability to provoke it with his flirty comments, making the ten year older professor blush like a virgin. Wait, he is one. ;) I loved the age difference too, and that Adrian was more the "leading man". They were so sweet together!

There is some brief angst. I get that Noah had his issues to deal with, but he gets his head on straight. I feel bad for Noah having been so tightly wound, I don't know, at least 15 years, struggling with being gay and feeling guilty and keeping away from his family for those reasons. I'm happy everything turned out great!

An uber-cute ending!


Sean Crisden nailed the narration with different voices and everything. He really made the book for me!