A Kind of Truth

A Kind of Truth - Lane Hayes

** 2,5 drama stars **
This book started so well and I was getting a really good vibe off aspiring rock star and his geeky guitar teacher. But the story just fell apart bit by bit.

I was really excited to uncover Will had a secret passion for cross dressing, because dressing up made him feel good and grow more confident. So far so good, right?
But then it turns out he don't normally dress up. He likes it, he just doesn't do it as much. It was just an easy way pay off his student loan. Or more accurately, pay off his dept to a (married) family friend who loaned him a bit of money to help pay for studies when Will's own father cut him off when he told his parents he was gay. A nice gesture, you might say, but not so much when this "family friend" propose that Will dress up as a woman and go on "dates" with him, since he's got a kink for men in women's clothes. This is just told by Will in an offhand comment when explaining to Rand what he was doing dressed up. Rand flips his shit over this arrangement, not because Will is dressed in drag (bless him), but because he thinks the guy is a creep (go figure). Will is adamant that the guy is harmless, he's just jerked off a couple of times seeing Will's ass in fishnet stockings. Will also ends the arrangement the same night saying it didn't work out. Uhm, right..

So Rand thinks it's cool that Will likes to dress up. (Yay!) However, the only time Will is in drag is the instance above when Will finds out. Will dresses up for shows later, but he only wears a wig, eye liner and glitter. So I feel like this "drag trope" was just a way for me to take the bait and buy this book. Will only dressed up as a woman to meet this "family friend". There's no mention of this later. Sure he wears make up on stage, but there's no mention at all about cross dressing. There's a pretty big jump between cross dressing and dressing up. Isn't there? I would have loved there to more about Will and his love of actually dressing up.

Also, the whole character of Leah pissed me off. And Terry Talk about added drama! Why did Terry stay so long with the band? Why didn't he get kicked out if Rand didn't like him? Why did Rand and the band let Leah act the way she did. And for so long! Why didn't Rand put a stop to all her advances? It was downright off putting. Also, she hooked up with Terry at the beginning, so she was bad new, Rand! Wake up! After her bitch move with selling them out, she walked away unscathed. Ugh, I hate her. But I also hate that she wasn't stopped before she got that far, and even when she did there should have been repercussions. All I ask for is putting in a sentence where she tripped and lands face first in dog poop, or something. Or burn in Hell. Or anything in between.

Then there was the whole issue with Will parents. I mean, can we add more unnecessary drama? Oh, you remember the "family friend"? Turns out Will's own effing mother is having an affair with said guy. The same guy who wanted Will to dress up to pay off his dept to him? Who jerked off to Will in stockings? WTF?! *gag*

So I'm just writing down thoughts right after finishing the book. I hope it makes sense. It sounds horrible when summing it up like this! Did I actually read all this? ^^
I did like somethings, though. I liked that Rand and Will fell for each other. I liked that Rand was Wills first in every way. I liked seeing their relationship develop. I liked the descriptions of their love for music. I liked that Rand was bisexual and not straight-curious or GFY. I liked that Will finally stood up to his parents. I liked that they got their HEA, finally.

However. My issues above coupled with the authors tendency to tell and not show the important part and a lovely 6 months time jump in the epilogue, this didn't work out for me at all.
Such a bummer and a missed opportunity! And it started out so well! *wails*

I need a drink.

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