Ollie Always

Ollie Always - John  Wiltshire

**** 4,5 stars ****

"What do I need to do to make you stay, Ollie?" (...)
"Tell me that you'll always be here if I do." (...)
"I think I've been telling you that since we met... Ollie-Always."


Ah, this was such a great book! Complex characters, slow build, twist and funny moments!

The books starts out one way and you kinda think were the story is going, but then Wiltshire does a number on me and surprises me, typical his Wiltshire Way, and makes the book even better than I imagined myself. I love that about Wiltshire!
Would have loved a more epic sweep you off your feet ending, but the way it ended felt more realistic. Not everything is a quick and easy fix. I'm so happy about how it all turned out.
Loved it!