Dirty Heart

Dirty Heart - Rhys Ford
**** 4,5 Dirty stars ****

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay
7 hours 19 minutes

Overall: 4,5
Performance: 5 
Story: 4

For those who haven't read the book yet, there are slight spoilers in this review, hence it being behind a spoiler tag.

I got everything I expected or want from this series, in this last book. A somewhat confusing and all-over-the-place mystery, bullets flying, hospital visits, Cole's almost over the top love for Jae, Cole and Jae's hotness together, Bobby and Cole's banter, angry llamas, and running clowns. It was a true Cole McGinnis book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I listened to the audio book during the course of one day, and it was my first listen-through. I might be bumping up the story rating later, when I re-listened later. I put the story at 4 star. I couldn't quite grasp why Rollins got so mad and went after Cole, and why he shot people left, right and center for no apparent reason that he was off his rocker and developed an obsession with Cole. I had a small face palm moment and a "are you kidding me?" outburst with how the big show down played out. I mean **plot spoiler!** Rollins got into the house because the door was left ajar?? There's a crazy gunman out to get you all (again, I might add) so you don't make sure the doors closed and locked? Also, how the heck did Rollins get Suh into the house and messily kill him without making any noise? I kinda expected the story of the book revolve more around why Ben shot Rick and Cole that night. And I'm also a little disappointed in the "big reveal" about Ben. I don't want to go into much details about it, but the explanation didn't quite sit well with me. Ben killed his therapist, Rick, (almost) Cole and himself. Because of... the explanation? Hmm... no, a bit disappointed about that. And I missed Ichi's presence.

But all in all, a great end to one of my favorite series. Greg Tremblay did an excellent job as always, being the voice of Cole and all the other characters. 

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