Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride - Heidi Cullinan
**** 4 kinky librarian stars ****

"Goddam, but I love me some kinky librarian. My kinky librarian.

This was great! I liked this book better than the first in the series. Not that the first one is bad, but this one has the enemies-to-lovers feel to it!

"What crawled up your butt, Gabe?"
Ugh. This man. "My name is Gabriel. Please do no call me Gabe."
"What crawled up your butt, Gabriel?"
"Nothing is in my ass, thank you. Please leave.
Arthur's eyebrows waggled. "Something in your ass might make you feel a lot less cranky."

*snort* LOL!
Arthur is such a character from book one and he is meeting his match in this book for sure. But not where he expect. Meaning in the library. Gabriel and Arthur butt heads, but found interest in each other in the most surprising and hot scene. Jesus, I didn't see that coming, and it made it so much hotter. Phew!

This is not a kinky book, though. Sure Arthur and Gabriel are kinky, and they explore the kink some, but it's tame really. They are so sweet together, though. 

"I had no idea it was this intense." [Gabriel]
"It's totally intense. BDSM isn't in the body. It's in the head. You're sitting there letting me tie you up. It looks pretty boring to someone else, maybe mildly titillating. But for you and me? You're giving over to me, and I'm taking care of you. It's one thing to talk about it, to read about it. It's something else entirely to do it." [Arthur]

I wished the kink would have been more explored, at least towards the end. But then, that might have taken the story on a more erotic road instead of the romantic one. And by God, it IS romantic. That ending! Me loves.
The book has several great moments. Thomas and his doll, the reading for the kids, the surprise sex scene, Gabriel and Arthur's bickering, Arthur and Paul's friendship, seeing Marcus and Frankie again, the bondage scene (Aww, Gabriel!) and as I said above, the ending. It's Christmas! I love sappy endings!

If you've read the first one in this series, I urge you to read this one too!