Takeover - Anna Zabo, Iggy Toma *** 3,5 business stars ***

Audio edition

Overall: 3,5
Performance: 3,5
Story: 3,5

This was overall an okay story. I liked Sam and Michael, I just didn't care much for the business setting. More rightly said, the business issues took up too much of the book. I would have liked to have the MCs get more down to business, if you catch my drift. But when they did, it was hot, but still tender with feelings blossoming. I wish the book would have explored more of their relationship than saving the company. Also, I'm so tired of hearing the word CEO! I wish I could make a search if I had the ebook and see how many hits I get.

Iggy Toma did a decent job.
I wished he'd made more of a difference between Sam and Michael's voices, because sometimes I had trouble knowing who's head I was in since the book is in alternating third person point of view.

I've listened to Iggy Toma once before with Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan. He did that so well, that in the beginning of the Takeover audio, I was half expecting him to talk about Roe, Travis or pony play. LOL