If Only in My Dreams

If Only in My Dreams - Keira Andrews

**** 4,5 young and scorching stars ****

"After that, I'm thinking of converting. Pretty sure I saw Jesus."

This was a great YA former-friends-reunited-to-lovers story through a road trip! The story is what the blurb tells you, but also more.

Don't let the *young* in YA fool you, though. Keira spins the sweetest tale with Charlie and Gavin. They are young, both 18, but that also means eager and horny. So whilst their story was sweet, the sex scenes were scorching! They added something to the story and wasn't there for just "filling".

Reading the story was like sitting on a pleasant fair ride where you're having fun with the nice ride.
The sex scenes where like when the fair plummets from the top.

They were exhilarating, made my blood pump, and left me a bit wind blown and breathless. Loved it! 
There were several of them and each of them just heightened my enjoyment of the story (especially that last one! Phew!)