Bookmarked - Piper Vaughn

*** 3 okay stars ***

What happens in this story is basically what it says in the blurb. I actually think the blurb gives away too much for the story to be real interesting. There was one small plot twist that the blurb doesn't mentions, but that plot twist was so unnecessary, that it could have been left out. It just cause some mild drama.  I think the story fell a bit flat, to be honest, since there was no surprises. It was a straight forward okay read. 

Thumbs up for the book store owner and the author getting it on among the book shelves in the store, though.

Mark sucked in a shaky breath, a deep shiver racking him at the scent of the paper and ink from the books he rested on.

Did someone say book porn? This is not erotica, though, but a fluffy romance.