Stygian - Santino Hassell **** 4 creepy stars ****

"I always see you, kid."

Creepy small town of Louisiana is creepy.
Creepy people of small town is creepy.
Creepy secluded mansion outside of small town is creepy.

Creepy atmosphere is creepy.
Creepy owners of the house is creepy.

Fucked up music band is fucked up. I mean, underlined fucked up.
Fucked up people in band gets more fucked up. And how, is creepy.

Very atmospheric, very ominous, very gloomy, very page turning.
Prepare for that gut churning horror movie feeling when you just know that it's all going to hell. 

I liked it, but I got impatient and exasperated with certain aspects, as I do with horror movies as well.
Like that rather abrupt ending. *harrumpf*
And why didn't they just leave earlier? I mean, after the girl in the kitchen I would have taken off so hard. But then, no book. LOL