Boning His Mutt

Boning His Mutt - Fel Fern *** 3,5 surprisingly sweet stars ***

"See something you like, pup?"

This was surprisingly sweet! For a boning, I mean. Meet Blue Barker and Jaime Topps.

Blue comes home and discovers his boyfriend cheating. Feeling miserable he is dragged along to a bar with his two best friends, where he meets Jaime Topps. Guess what he prefers. Cue wolf attraction and some hot action (boning) follows. Some feelings mixed in made it real sweet. So no weird shit going on at all! 

"Fucking perfect." (...)
Jaime...he thinks I'm perfect.
What can I possibly say to a man who says he likes my flaws, who like me just the way I am? He might be lying. It's so damn cheesy, but I love that Bridget Jones line.

The writing was so much better than #0.5 Full Moon Blues too.

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