Full Moon Blues

Full Moon Blues - Fel Fern

** 2,5 puppyville stars **

He comprises by yanking my jeans along with my boxers until I'm completely bared to his gaze.
"Fucking perfect."
Color floods to my cheeks at those two words. Jimmy can't know how much they mean to an average guy like me, but I'll tell him later.

You do that, Lee. At the same time can you ask him what he means by "comprises" and how color can flood in your veins.

The writing! Must be experienced to be appropriately appreciated, otherwise you'll miss out on goodies like:

"...the sounds come closer and I nearly unleash my bladder..."
"...the Jimmy eradicates the cold of the dark and lonely autumn night by mashing his lips against mine and creating sparks."
"...Jimmy eliminates my ability to think by plundering my lips, eventually deepening the kiss..."
"...Jimmy pelts kisses down my bottom jaw..."

A bit weird, very insta-fuck, in a good badly written way.


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