Fit to be Tied

Fit to be Tied - Mary Calmes

**** 4 awesome and ouch stars ****

Seriously, though, "ouch" doesn't even cover it...

Story wise it's still all over the place, just like the first. But I liked it! We get to see experience Miro and Ian and all the crazy things they encounter and experience. 
The book doesn't concentrate on a single story line or case throughout the book, it's more like Ian and Miro are the center and they go through several story lines. That is to say, the last of the book was concentrated on one story line.

And what a story line it is!

It made for some intense reading!

Still meandering, but still entertaining and enjoyable. I like both main characters, Ian and Miro. I would have preferred to know more about how their relationship actually works, because I can't fully understand it. Is Ian submissive, at least in the bedroom? But then he's all macho all over the place, so I get a bit confused. I feel I mostly get told, and not shown how their dynamics works. But as I've said, still enjoyable!

Oh, and can some one please tell my why [plot spoiler!!!] why Miro is beaten up during captivity? Or better said, by whom? It didn't make a whole lot of sense. What kind of grudge do the men have against him? Are they working for the crazy doctor or do they have their own beef with Miro? I get why the doctor wanted to "have his way" with Miro, but I don't get why the men are there to beat him to a bloody pulp. Just because? For fun? On the doctor's orders? Then why did he stop them? I could understand it better if the doctor wanted Miro hurt, but it seemed the crazy doctor wanted to do his own "special" kind of hurt, not have the men hurt Miro. Just asking. But, hey.. details...