Reclamation - Cari Z. *** 4 dystopian stars ***

I liked this. It turned out a little bit differently than what I expected, but not in a bad way, really, just surprised me a little. I expected it to be hotter to be honest, I mean, look at the prompt pictures!

I was crossing my fingers for a private performance, but no such luck. 

Instead I got to know a dystopian world where life is rough and hard. The cities are divided into sections. In the center of the city is where people are the wealthiest and the safest. The further out you get the more harsh and dangerous life gets, until you get the outskirts where drugs, murder, crime and crime families rules.

To combat one crime family one of the MCs, Matt, goes undercover as a stripper since the police and him think it's a way to get information to bring the crime family down by in short, honey trap one of the lead mafia guys. In the bar where Matt works he meets Grayson, a quiet guy who comes in to have a decent beer at the end of his shift clearing out people and putting out fires in the outskirts, and to enjoy the view, literally.

Their relationship develops and it's a slow burn. There's also a side story with Grayson's father, which is suffering from dementia. 

The relationship between Matt and Grayson didn't turn out quite as erotic as I thought before starting, but I'm okay with that. The story is good. The world build is strong and I really felt the hard ship of dealing and living in the harsh dystopian world the author have created. Hope and happiness is rare, loneliness is abundant. But it's still there! And that's what the story tells the reader.
I will forgive the totally unbelievably way the main story got wrapped up. *rolls eyes*

Four stars to the author the world build (and the mods! I want one) and a great story, even though not everything is perfect. And it's a free read from the MM Romance Group too.


It's a free story from the MM Romance Group event Love is and Open Road 2015.
Find it and download here.