Change of Heart

Change of Heart - Mary Calmes

**** 4 growly MINE stars ****

Were-panthers? Sure, why the heck not? 

This one surprised me, it was actually very good! The story was kinda ridiculous and stereotypical for shifter stories, but then I'm not looking for reality when I'm reading a shifter book.
There was a pretty big glossary to learn as well, like "Semel - leader" and "Reah - true mate of a Semel", and they are so frequently used that I could use the book as a drinking game and be smashed by the end of chapter three or something. Also, "mine" or "MINE!" and "mate" were pretty frequent too. The Semel, leader, the typical Alpha was all growling "Mine. My mate. My Reah. MINE!" in every other sentence.

I couldn't care less.

Sean Crisden did a great job narrating this and I believe my enjoyment of it is hugely due to his narration. He did all the different voices for the characters so there were no question about who were doing the talking and all the different names for everything was easy to learn. Can I have a growling Crisden for Christmas?

So, a big yes to were-panthers!

I am one happy p-- kitty.