Chained in Darkness

Chained in Darkness - Nicholas Bella Collection: Chained in Darkness #1-6

#1 Embraced
**** 4 embraced stars ****

"Go to hell," I cursed.
Again, he laughed (...)
"You're about to become the thing you hate. Let the game begin," he whispered into my ear.

Meet Noel, part of the resistance against the vampires, werewolves and dragons who's taken over the world, ruling along side those humans who has changed side and joined them.
Some human fractions still fights and have eluded capture, until Noel is sold out by one of his own.
This story is where Noel gets embraced (aka turned) by a vampire called Théoden.

I really liked it! The writing was good, and it sucked me in right away. The plot and world build was solid just from these few pages (49 pages). It's written from Noel's POV, and I liked both him and Théoden. Théoden was a brutal bastard, but then Noel has been a thorn in his side for some time.

It's brutal, raw and erotic and make no excuses for it. I knew it going in and had no problem with it.

I blame Julie. ;)

#2 Punishment

**** 4 punishing stars ****

When they said he was the most sadistic vampire in the city, they had no idea.

Ehm... fitting title. Noel gets what is coming to him after not complying. And man, I'm glad I'm not kidnapped by a sadistic vampire. The good thing is that Noel is a vampire too, so he heals. Quickly. If nothing prevents it, that is...

The story is still good, but brutal and raw. I could do without the words "pussy" and "bitch", though.

It's nice to know that you are paying attention, my little pussy-boy bitch." Théoden said.

#3 Lessons

*** 3 lesson learned stars ***

I may not have been interested in men before, but that was no longer an option for me. I knew that now.
Lessons learned.

Uhm... wow, crude language is crude. Holy heck.
The story is still raw and pushing limits without derogatory name calling. And... is it meant to be more degrading by using feminine sexual slang? Ugh.
I'm not scared off, though! It would just have been more "enjoyable" without all those words. 


#4 Submission

*** 3,5 submission stars ***

"YOU! I belong to you, Master," I yelled.

This was weirdly hot and awful. It's like a train wreck, you just cannot look! 

The silver tongue! :-O
(One of) Theoden's secrets are revealed.
"Nice" outfit for Noel. I don't see why he had to wear them, though, just for degrading, I guess?
Marco and his "anaconda" scared the bejeezus out of me. Ouch! They'r fast-healing vampires, but still. O.o  *hides*

Oh, I was getting sick and fucking tired of them calling my asshole female body parts.

Agreed! ^^^^

#5 Control

**** 4,5 controlling stars ****

I don't know how to fight anymore. I have no anchor to keep me strong, and every time I try, he finds another way to destroy my support. What is going to be left of me when he's done?
"Perfection. That is what will be left when I am done training you," Theoden whispered.

Uhm..... wow.
Just.... wow.
Holy shit!

I think this is my fav so far. *smirks*
Don't judge!


Can't look away.

Pretty much.


#6 Acceptance

** 2 acceptance stars **

The previous book in this series was the best, I think, this one however was the worst.
I've pretty much taken everything this series has thrown at me well, and believe me at has been a lot. This was just horrible. That family, Jonah, the silver thingy, Marco really was too much, that butch comment again. It went on forever, and I skimmed just to get through it. I didn't enjoy this at all. I had to struggle to finish.