The Bruise-Black Sky

The Bruise-Black Sky - John  Wiltshire

**** 4,5 stars ****


"And I don't tell you things because I love you, and then I don't tell you either. So I'm even more--fucking dumb--as you so eloquently say."

So much stuff happens in this book, it's impossible to sum up!

Lots of love, lots of secrets and lots of truths between Ben and Nik.

I predicted the  death of the side character in the previous book, but it still took me a bit by surprise, well, how, why and when it happened, but I figured the faith of that person. And I also KNEW *that* was going to happen at 95%. Lets hope the series continues with its greatness still after this "reveal".

Love Ben and Nik. They are such complex characters! After reading so many books about them I'm still discovering new thing about them and their relationship, at the same time knowing them so well and seeing their profound love for each other. 

Nikolas was freed by Ben's love for him, always had been, but now he saw this fully for the first time.

Wow, only with this couple was this situation okay and understandable.