Review: The Bridge of Silver Wings (More Heat than the Sun #3)

The Bridge of Silver Wings - John  Wiltshire

Re-read October-November 2016.
Read October 2015.

Original review, and rating still stands!


**** 4,5 awesome stars ****

Two more adventures involving Ben and Nik!

The first story (first half of the book) takes place in Russia, in the middle of nowhere when they end up stranded with a, let's say, "colorful" bunch of people.

"We must leave. We must pack up and go now."

Holy shit!

This part of the book was FANTASTIC! Holy shit, what these guys are going through! Absolutely loved it!
Throughout the whole ordeal I was pretty much:

But also:

It was as he turned to go back towards the traps that he saw them--footprints in the muddy riverbank....

Easily 5 stars for this story! And the number five is the important thing here too, people! O.o

In the last half of the book Ben discovers he has more family than he knew of. Interacting with them he finds what he has been missing, but also what he's already got. 
I'm not saying anymore to spoil it, I'm silent as the grave...

I didn't care so much for this part. I didn't find it particularly interesting, I'm afraid. It was a bit obvious what kind of shit was going down, even if I didn't know the details of it. 
I guessed what happened with Ben, so I was kinda waiting for Nik (and the rest) to see the light of day. Loved what the name change meant for Ben and Nik, though!