*** 4 Mr.Magic 8 Ball stars ****

"Show me," I murmured, closing his bedroom door behind me.
His eyes went wide. "Dave. We can't," he hissed at me.
But I wanted the full effect of my boyfriend in a dress. "Flash me."

This book was so... I dunno, weird, good, great, different, boring, hilarious? All of the above?!

One thing I can say for sure, it was highly enjoyable to be inside Davo's head. The story is first person POV and Davo's thoughts and thoughts processes sure are memorable!

Now, Davo had bad experiences with a sport teacher when he was younger. The teacher bullied and ridiculed "weaker" boys if they couldn't perform at sports by calling them faggot, girl or pansy, and made the boys who couldn't hit the ball do running laps wearing a skirt to show the others how much of a girl the were. The teacher also egged the other boys to pick on the "weaker" ones.

WTF? What kind of asshole are you, Mr. Henley?! Arg!

Now, if that don't hurt a young boy's developing psyche, I don't know what will. It certainly left a deep scar with Davo. He was just finding out he liked boys instead of girls. He also liked pretty, pink things, but due to bullying he figured out that he could either be one of those gays who liked girly things, got the shit kicked out of at school, and ridiculed by the sports teacher, or he could choose not to be and tell everyone he was gay but didn't give a damn what everyone's opinion. For Davo it made sense to make himself a slogan: "I may like dick, but I'm not a pussy."

Keep this ^^ in mind when you read the book and when Davo says or do something stupid concerning those gays. He's a dick about it sometimes, but I think it's totally understandable when you think about his history.

"You can call me Davo. 'Dave' is just for the ladies and work situations. My friends just call me Davo, or Idiot, or Arsehole. So I answer to all three."

Anyway, enter beautiful Lee, who sometimes likes to dress in women's clothing, wear sparkling eye shadow and high heels. Their first encounter and the subsequently reaction and panic Davo has is absolutely a joy to read and experiencing!

I was slurring my words, and Lee nodded until her head bumped onto my shoulder and stayed there. "I'll suck you off, if you want."
"But you're a girl. And I'm gay. Gay means no girls. G-A-Y stands for Girls Are Yucky."
The beer was making me dumb.
"I'll still suck you." She was giggling into my neck, and with the last reasoning I had, I pulled her off her chair and staggered to the door. She was too cute to go around offering to suck just any guy, so I had to get her out of there. I sat down on the bench outside the bar. Lee slumped beside me with her legs spread wide in a very unladylike manner. She leaned against me.
"Where're we goin'?"
It took my three tries before my hand connected with her shoulder. I tried to pat her gently, but it came out more of a slap. In my drunkenness, I couldn't find the energy to care.
"I'm takin' you home. Your home. When a cute li'l girl like you stars off'rin' to suck off gays, it's time to go home."

Davo as a person develops and go through changes in this book, and I really liked that. The first part of the book was great, then he was kind of a dick (read above) and I got a little bored in the story about 60-70%, but I went on. The last 30% was fantastic, and I'm so glad I finished it. I was wondering about the rating, but I'm feeling generous and the last 30 %, including that flashing scene and more, pushed it up to 4 stars! The title You Are The Reason also made me mushy after I finished the book. <3 Kudos for Australian setting too!

Davo's story is intertwined with his best friend Jake and his husband, Patrick, the characters from #1 The Blinding Light. I haven't read that one, so You Are The Reason can be read as standalone in my opinion. I had no trouble connection with Jake and Patrick. I think will be reading #1, though, to get Jake and Patrick's story, and I think I'll reread this one after that.

Finishing this story just left me with a warm feeling in my chest and a giddy grin, so I would recommend reading this.
Oh, wait, I have to consult Davo's Mr. Magic 8 Ball...

"Is recommending this book a good idea?"

I shook the ball hard, turned it up, and waited for the answer to appear in the window of the plastic orb that pretended to be an oracle. Waiting for his wisdom to enlighen me. Those that doubted the power of Mr.Magic 8 Ball, despite costing me fifteen dollars at the local toy shop, often found their lives in ruin.
The white words appeared out of the dark liquid that filled the ball. Wisdom from the oracle.