In His Shoes

In His Shoes - K.A. Merikan

**** 4 bloody great stars ****

"Shit... it's like yer suckin' me in. So fuckin' good."

Set in London 1887. This was bloody, gritty and hot! It gives new meaning to the expression "fashion victim". Hehe!

I really liked the rawness of it and the accented dialogue.

"Ya go pickle yer cock s'm'er else tonight."

Took me a couple of tries to get what the heck that sentence meant. I got it when I spoke it out loud to myself. Thank god hubby is deaf... lmao!

Recommended if you want something different. :)

It's a free short story from the MM Romance Group event Love Has No Boundaries 2013. It's set in the "Zombie Gentlemen" universe from the same authors, but it's standalone.
Met this author duo in Munich, so wanted to try out something of theirs and I started with this one.

Find it and download here