Suit Yourself

Suit Yourself - Susan Mac Nicol *** 3,5 beautiful inside-out stars ***

This was a nice read. Straightforward and kinda predictable. I've read book 1 through 3 back to back now, and they all follow the same recipe for better and for worse. I liked reading about Leslie getting his HEA, but at the same time his story faced the same issues as Eddie/Gideon in #1 and Taylor/Draven in #2. The characters are different and the setting is different, but they follow the same recipe and go through the same process getting to their HEA, so it was a bit rinse and repeat seeing the series as a whole. That doesn't mean I didn't like the book! 

Leslie is a flamboyant firecracker with lots of backbone and a mouth that runs away from him sometimes. He meets Oliver, an ex-porn star who ended his career after his motorcycle accident with left him scarred both emotionally and physically. He's been playing hermit these last two years until Leslie barrels into his life bringing lots of color with him. There was the usual 70% angst part, but it turned out all right, didn't it? 

By the way, I love reading English expressions and sentences. A nice difference from reading American all the time.

"He's a prick/tosser/twat"
"Bloody noisy gits, the lot of them"
"Bloody handsy bastard, wasn't he?"

"You taste sweet. How come?" [as in literally..]
Leslie chuckled. "I read this article that says incorporateing fruit into your diet makes a difference. I tried eating pineapple and berries this week. Obviously, it worked." He waggled his eyebrows (...) Maybe we should try different flavours, see it it's true? I could eat curry all week, then seafood and maybe you'll be able to taste the difference."
Oliver grimaced. "I'll skip the seafood and curry thanks. I rather like fruity Leslie."
Leslie laughed loudly. "Oh, I'm fruity all right. Don't you know that yet?"