Sight and Sinners

Sight and Sinners - Susan Mac Nicol *** 2,5 stars ***

An okay story, but I had to skip the end.

Draven was such an arsehole, yes keeping up with the English setting in the book, on several occasions. I couldn't believe Taylor forgave him every time. But then again, with love there's fighting and making up. There definitely was making up! There was lots of tension and UST between them, but the whole story took a head dive into some very serious theme at the end. See my trigger warning.

Draven is a cold-hearted operative, working for a private security firm and he meets Taylor, well for the second time, really. The first time they met didn't go over too well either. Taylor has psychic abilities which plays apart in this story. Draven also has a "secret" that he keeps from Taylor. Draven's brother is in a coma. He's been in a coma for three years since he "survived" the car crash that killed their parents. Draven must face the difficult dilemma of turning off or keep the machines that keeps his brother alive. ; 

Enter Taylor with his abilities. You do the math.. There's nothing about this in the blurb. There's references to "mysteries surrounding a dead friend" which is another story plot, who was very quickly resolved. I had to skip the end of the book since it dealt with Draven's brother dying when they turned the machines off. The brother talked to Taylor, because psychic, and told he wanted to die and something - something - skipping - skipping.... Don't want to read about this. I glimpsed a time jump of 6 months at 96%. Which is "icing on the cake", since I don't like time jumps. And Draven asks Taylor to marry him. That explain the time jump... Happy - happy - skipping - skipping fiancé sex - skipping - skipping blah blah blah... the End.

Trigger warning, also plot spoiler euthanasia. Comatose brother dies after machines gets turned off.