Helping Hand

Helping Hand - Jay Northcote

**** 4 double GFY stars ****

Actual rating 3,5 stars, but bonus half star for the UK setting!

"Fancy a wank?" He held Jez's gace, and his expression was challenging, almost as if this was a game too.
Jez tried to hold back a smile. He lost the battle and grinned. "Sure. My place or yours? Or here?"


Two mates messing around and finding their interest lie in each other rather than the porn playing on their laptop. Loved to watch their feelings develop and how they come to turns with everything.

The sex was great, but it wasn't all about the sex for Jez now. Sleeping in Mac's arms last night had touched a part of Jez that no amount of hand jobs would satisfy.

 A sweet evolving double gay for you story without too much angst. I would have loved a dual POV, though, to catch a glimpse inside of Mac's head.
There are many of these short stories around with the same theme, I recommend this one. :)