Bear, Otter, and the Kid

Bear, Otter, and the Kid - T.J. Klune
**** 4,5 "vegetarian ecoterrorist-in-training" stars ****


“I’m glad Otter came back. I’m glad you were able to find him again. But if it’s okay with you, I’m still going to like girls.”

Seriously, could this kid be anymore awesome??

I was told this book was fantastic and that I would love it. I'm here to tell you they were so right!

I highly enjoyed listening to the audio book! Sean Crisden really nails the voice and inner voice of Bear. He did a great job with the whole narration.

So why not fully 5 stars? Well, I've got a couple of nit pickings.

I would've really liked to have Bear and Otter's sexual relationship to have been more on page. I don't mean it had to be very explicit or anything. It's just I felt I missed some of their connection because it wasn't explored a bit more. I mean, when Bear lost his virginity to Otter it was written in just a small paragraph and this was at 60%. And it was after the whole romantic-disastrous beach scene where Bear tells Otter he loves him. It only says: 


So I said it.

I said it and it came out easier than I had hoped, easier than it should have been. There was a moment that night, when he entered me for the first time, that I felt as full as I’d ever been. I’m not trying to be graphic or anything, because I don’t necessarily mean that in a sexual way at all. Okay, yes, I guess I kind of do mean it that way, as there was a pinch and then pain, but then I rose above it, and it was like I was floating above myself, detached and high. I only had a dim sense of what was happening to me, but then a shock wave rose through me, and I was slammed back into my body and rode it out in a blur of gasps and claws. As I came (without even touching myself; how does that even happen?), something inside me exploded as I shot onto my chest and my pleasure-drunk brain could only think of God creating the universe. First was nothing and then there was everything. Otter held me as my body rocked and shook, and for the first time, I realized there was such a thing as good earthquakes, that as long as you have someone to tether you to them, the shifting of the world can be a wondrous thing. It still scared me shitless, but I wasn’t about to allow that to take him away from me. Not anymore.

So quickly, inevitably, the days passed.


Uhm... that's all I'm going to get after listening for seven hours? So yeah, I would have liked more of a sexual connection. Especially considering the build-up to get there was long and winding (but highly entertaining and oh so sweet).

Sometimes it was difficult differentiating between past and present with Bear's inner monologue. I checked the Kindle Edition and I saw that the flashbacks were written in Italic which made it easy to see the difference, but it wasn't so easy while listening. Several times I had to go back and re-listen to really get the path the story had taken because of the time jumps and Bear's inner monologues. 

But as I said, this is just nit pickings! The book still goes on my favorites shelf.
I loved getting to know Bear, the Kid, Otter, Creed and Anna. Looking forward to continue the story!

I highly, highly recommend this book and the audio!!



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