Kick at the Darkness

Kick at the Darkness - Keira Andrews ------------------ ranty and spoilery review -------------------------------

** 2 stars **

I was going for a 3,5 rating, maybe 3. From 0-85% it was good. It took a complete nosedive at 85%. It escalated and/or deteriorated quickly. So the angry star and ranty review is for the last 15 %. 

First of all, at 85% Parker and Adam have sex while Adam is partially turned into his werewolf state. He doesn't turn into a wolf, he's still a "man" but with fangs, claws and hair/fur. So if that isn't your cup of tea, then here's your trigger warning.

Adam's hairy chest rose and fell quickly, and he stroked himself with a loose fist, his claws barely skimming over his shaft. In his werewolf form, his cock seemed to swell even thicker, and Parker's throat went dry with a mix of fear and hunger. 

Also, I love dirty talk, but this crosses my line. This is from the same scene.

"I'd fuck you if you were an actual wolf on four legs. I'd get on my hands and knees and let you lick me open. Let you mount me and plow me with your huge cock. Feel your fur against my skin, and your claws digging into my shoulders, and---"
Adam came with an actual howl, his head thrown back and fangs gleaming (...)

So that wasn't fun.

Also, ranty recap of last 15%. 

Of course the people turned on them!
Of course Adam got tranq'ed and dragged to a lab. 
Of course there was a crazy scientist AND a psycho werewolf (not Adam).
Of course Adam was immune to the virus so they wanted to keep him for experiments.
Of course the mad scientist had to take blood and samples. And yeah, he cut Adam fucking open! Like big ass meat samples!! In JARS labeled "arm", "leg" and "back".
Of course they had creepers locked up to study.
Of course they escaped.
At least Parker and Adam managed to get away on the bike, but...
...of course being chased by a, quote: "psycho asshole werewolf".

Meet Ramon...

What the heck happened to the resort, eh? What's the point in getting the MC to interact with a lot of people like that and just not know the fate for them?

Of course they got to the stupid summer house or cabin or whatever.
Of course Parker's parents weren't there.
Of course they found a sailboat instead.
Of course they sailed into the sunset to fucking Caribbean!!

Well, I got news for you!
You won't far any better down there!



That's my personal opinion anyway.

Great Buddy Reads and updates, though!

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