Cronin's Key II

Cronin's Key II - N.R. Walker *** 3,5 stars ***

I didn't like this as much as I did the first. I was bored in the middle of the book, but it picked up towards the end. Never reaching the top, though. It felt a bit...rushed or too easy. The characters wasn't very deep, just on the surface. Cronin did a lot of growling and Eiji did a lot of laughing, which got repetitive.

And I would like to point out that if you have created a character from another country, like Jodis being Norwegian, do the courtesy of be sure to use the language correctly. Just typing a word into Google translate just doesn't cut it! A good old dictionary would have told the difference, I recon, or ask online.


It's a message from Jodis," he said, and Alec sighed in relief. "It says 'sikre'".

"Is that some kind of code?"

"Yes," Cronin said flatly. "It's Norwegian for secure. She's telling us it's safe to go back."


Translating "secure" into the Norwegian word "secure" isn't correct. There's a different use of it. As in:

"I'm going to secure the place."  (Jeg skal sikre stedet)

"I'm securing the place". (Jeg sikrer stedet)

"The place is secure." (Stedet er sikkert.)

So Jodis should have said "sikkert" instead of "sikre". Just "sikre" doesn't make any sense, and I should know since I am Norwegian.

Release date BR with Elsbeth, Julie, Momo, Sonia, Marco and Paul.