Prized Possession

Prized Possession - Kora Knight

***** 5 thousand-one stars *****

Another incredible installment in the Up-ending Tad series! I loved that we got to learn more about Tad and Scott. I loved Tad's mind in the story and how he came to grip with the turn of events. And boy did he come. CHRIST!!!!


Scott and Tad's is-or-isn't-a relationship has happened fast. Tad has only met Scott four times and he needed to even out the playing field a bit. Feeling that Scott have the upper hand since he has been screwing with Tad's... head on several occasions now. Tad wants to knock "Mr. Cocky Pants" down a few notches. This leads to a wrestling match between the two with high stakes! I loved I loved their taunting and playfulness. 

And I loved....! Well, check my updates!

Fantastic, Kora! 

Your writing is superb, you manage to convey all this sexy naughtiness without it turning tacky or porn-y. The hotness is off the scale, but the feels saturates the story and make me fall even more in love with the main characters! And THANK YOU for the happening at 92%!!!!! Wooohoooo!