Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home - Kora Knight
***** 5 Upended stars *****

"You give me a kind of happy I never knew existed. You make me wanna be brave. And bold. Hell, you make me wanna be me."

Another great installment in the Upending Tad series! This is the second to last chapter and Kora Knight brings home (pun intended) the fact that she is the master in writing tremendously hot sex scenes. AND still with that touch of feeeeels and romance that is crucial to make it work. Well, actually there's lots of feels in this book, with Tad and Scott finally coming together, in more than the obvious way. Hot loving sex filled with emotions, laughter, teasing and heartwarming confessions.

"Fuck, I love when you blush."
Tad groaned and covered his face."Ugh. C'mon. Don't say shit like that."
"What," Scott laughed. "I'm serious. It's awesome. Makes me wanna kiss you."
Tad dropped his hands and frowned. "Seriously?"
"Yeah." Scott shrugged, his grip sliding back down. "Makes you look innocent and... a little bit vulnerable." He brought the head of Tad's cock to his mouth. "Like maybe there's a part of you I could... I dunno... protect." Gaze turning intense, his voice went rough. "Also makes me wanna keep you all to myself."

Highly recommended if you've followed the series! And if you've dropped a few of them, you should definitely read this one. 

Kudos, Kora, just... kudos.