Outfoxed - K-lee Klein

** 2 foxy stars **

I'm torn about how to rate this story. First of all let me say the writing was excellent, which makes me not want to 1 rate it. And the story turned out sweet in the end, which also grudgingly does not want me to 1 star it. But man.... I had some serious stomach drops early in the story. Several. The just kept coming! I got really put out and I'm not sure I was really recovered by them when the sweet stuff started. So as sweet and romantic as they were (because for rockers what doesn't say (plot spoiler) "I love you" like leather cock rings with the engravings "yours" and "mine"? I just couldn't quite enjoy them to the fullest. 

All he knew was one minute he'd been fine with their casual, open lifestyle and the next he felt possessive and pouty whenever someone else shared his and Gage's evenings.

A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Four" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.

Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

I love a good rocker story. These boys are rockers in love but all they know how to do well is lust and overwhelming passion. 

One has had enough with being closeted and wants to just come out and stop hiding, not only their relationship, but the one night stands and boytoy groupie hook-ups. He just wants to live without worrying all the time. 

The other will come out for him but has come to see that he only has the drive to do it if they make a real commitment (open though it may be) 

I hope someone can do something with this. Not sappy and not overly emo. Two somewhat famous, easy, slutty guys that are coming to terms with the true nature of their long time relationship(s) with the band, with each other and with their fans.

Genre: contemporary

Tags: rockstars, celebrities, established-couples, book-series (maybe)