Spin Out

Spin Out - James Buchanan
*** 3,5 Joe and Kabe stars ***

This was a good follow up from the excellent #1 Hard Fall. The story picks up about three months after #1. 

Deputy Sheriff, Joe Peterson (32) and Kabe Varghese (24) are still new to this "relationship stuff", but are finding their way together. Or together might be too strong a word. Joe has problem sharing his thoughts and feelings, especially concerning the upcoming disciplinary hearing concerning his job, and relationship with Kabe. He totally blindsides Kabe about it, and it all blows up in Joe's face.

There is a criminal case that Joe is trying to solve in this book as well, like the first one. In #1 the criminal case takes a bit of back seat, since the simmering relationship between Joe and Kabe is front and center, which also made that book awesome. In this one, though, the criminal case has the front row. The case, the investigation and the solve of the case is all very interesting, but Joe and Kabe's relationship aren't that pronounced. Mostly because they had that huge fight and Kabe is pissed at Joe for a long time. A few situation before they got back together, I didn't much care for. I was definitely hoping for more "making up". 

Overall, a good follow up of the first book. I like Joe and Kabe! I liked finding out about the criminal case. Everything didn't wow me, like #1 did. But I'm continuing with the series.