Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight - Sasha Devlin * 1 "mated" (yeah right...) stars *

Warning spoilers! 

His name in that sexy growl made Chance's gums throb. He had to stick his teeth or dick into someone. Soon. 


Wow... that was really hot... NOT!

This was crap. I didn't care for the story or the characters at all and the writing was stilted and awkward.

A werewolf (Ryan) and a vampire (Chance) feel the mate bond with the same human (Jesse). Jesse has been seeing both of them at the same time for a while (pointed glare), but Ryan and Chance only comes to this realization this night when they both has to claim Jesse. What ensues is a fight to control their urges and argument over who is going to "get" Jesse. In bed, mind you...

"Guys, what's going on?" For the first time, Jesse sounded panicked target than tuned on. The change in his Mate stopped his struggles. What the hell was he doing?
"It's okay, Jesse. Chance and I agreed to work out who get be with you first. We're just negotiating."
Jesse gave a nervous laugh. "I want you both."
Chance licked his lips. "You'll get us both, promise. By the time you get the lube and the condoms, this will all be settled." 

On top of it all, Jesse has no clue that Ryan is a werewolf and Chance is a vampire OR that he is both of their mate OR that they just had their "mate fuck" to ensure their mate bond.

I skipped towards the end...

And who the heck is Nin?!


A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Three" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011. 

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Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

Please tell me more about these 3 hotties. All I know is that one is a werewolf, one is a vampire, and even though they should be sworn enemies, there is a human in the middle that brings them together. What brought them all together? Can the love they have for the human over come their hatred for each other? 



Genre: paranormal, ménage 

Tags: ménage, threesome, werewolves, vampires, HFN

Content: mild violence, vampire feeding (blood)