Shadows on the Heart

Shadows on the Heart - N.J. Nielsen

*** 3 stars ***

Well, wasn't that a big concoction of story elements?

Let's throw in everything all at once, shall we?

- vikings
- vampire
- wolf shifter
- mate bond
- blood bond
- witch
- magic and spells
- submission
- bondage
- menage
- twink
- alpha male
- striptease

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, "To be gay or not to be", that was the question. 

God, it was like drama daytime television, those were you roll your eyes at all the silliness, but can't help to be sucked into the story anyway. And you can't seem to stop watching! 
I'm not trashing it, though, I quite enjoyed it! 

Potion made, cheers!


A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Two" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.

Click HERE for the story online or  HERE to download the whole collection for your reading device.

Picture and prompt:

Dear Author, 

Please tell me the story of this handsome Norseman. 

He went out viking and came back to this scene in his village!

Who is this sexy stranger and what is happening?



genre: Paranormal, Ménage, Mild Bondage

tags: Viking, Time Travel, Vampire, MMM Romance, Bad Spells