Finding Home

Finding Home - Jordan Sophia Lombard

** 2,5 finding home stars **

Gahhh, this could have been so much better. I liked the premise of this story, it just didn't quite follow through. I feel like the author had a great idea in her head, but translated into words some of it got lost so the end result mostly makes sense in the author's eyes. Like only half the story got written down and the rest is inside the author's head. As a reader I felt something was missing. Too bad, though.

And how did this story get from the prompt picture below into a tale of an apocalypse and <spoiler>"tree"(?) aliens? *confused* I guess the picture is from the last scene in the book by their new hut, but still..


A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Two" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.

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Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

I caught sight of these two and I just have to know what's the story behind this tender moment. Any chance you can help me out?



Genre: Sci-Fi

Tags: military, year 2200, spaceships, obliterated Earth, aliens, robot soldiers, a hot interspecies man, sweet future technology, a kick-ass grandmother, and a Reference Hologram