Hidden Needs

Hidden Needs - Havan Fellows *** 3 stilted stars ***

Why did the characters talk in such a stilted way like that? Was it to kind of make up for the debauchery later in the story? Debauchery is still debauchery even wrapped up in polite and proper dialogue. I love debauchery, but it needs to be earnest. This felt almost as the author tried to put make-up on the story, so it wouldn't be so "dirty" or something. I didn't connect much with the characters and it was a bit unbelievable . The "I know what you really need just by looking at you" have never been quite believable for me.  

But, it was alright, but quickly forgotten.

The picture for this story should be framed and never forgotten, though!




A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Two" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011. 

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Picture and prompt

Dear Author, 

I'm not really into hairy men but I couldn't ignore this picture. I mean the stylish suit...and then the piercing. Oh my!

I was imagining him as a really stylish man, that wears the best clothes (3 piece suits!) has a really high position in a company that appreciates that kind of style (no idea, a law firm? advertising?) and is very serious about his job. Very serious; to the point where he might be considered a workaholic, cold man that has no time for fun and really doesn't care about it. That kind of man that, even looking good, you can't imagine having sex unless it is something clinical to get it out of his system. 

What people don’t know is that he is a true hedonist but can't really exploit it because of the expectations in his life (or maybe he just stopped doing it because of some bad experiences?). 

He has tried with a number of random men, but with his cold image nobody gets that even if he has a seemingly dominant personality he doesn't want to be always dominating; he'd truly like to be unexpectedly over-witted. Not romantically swept of his feet! No, no, there must be someone able to stand on equal ground with him and fight against his sharp mind, be able to shake him, tease him, and bother him, even if he tries to deny/escape it. That person should be shaken too by his hidden side. 

Sigh, suits are great, contradictions can be exciting and alpha males "fighting", making romance a sensual power dance...That's even better. A little bit of bondage couldn't go wrong with this; you know, suits...ties. I'm sure you guys get the picture. There was also another pic around of a fully clothed man with a naked on top...hmmm. 

I hope I didn't ask for too much...Sexual tension for me please :D!


Genre: contemporary 

Tags: anal play, bdsm, toys 

content warning: bdsm, HFN ending
Genre: contemporary 

Tags: anal play, bdsm, toys 

content warning: bdsm, HFN ending