A Clean Break

A Clean Break - Keira Andrews

**** 4 owie stars ****

Keira Andrews continues to write and tell a beautiful story with beautiful characters!

How David feels in this installment is just so heart squeezing. There's a lot of miscommunication and lack of communication between Isaac and David. They both holds their tongue. David is swamped with guilt and responsibility, he even has great panic attack and he turns to alcoho to deal with everything.

I find it surprising really, that there wasn't more talks between David and Isaac, and especially David and Isaac with Aaron about the new life. Aaron had a difficult time when he got out too, so shouldn't he have been more aware of the culture shock they guys was experiencing and help them ease into the English world? I guess he did some, but the weren't really any talks about it. It was like "here, live in my house and everything'll be alright." 

It's just "ow" to read, so I can't give full score because I didn't enjoy it as much as #1. 

Still, highly recommend!

On to #3 A Way Home.

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